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  • How does a polishing cloth work?

  • It has two different abrasive sides. The sand paper side adds a fine satin finish to metal; the polishing cloth side cleans and puts a high shine on finished jewelry, gold, silver, brass, copper, and most other metals leaving a deep, long-lasting luster.
  • What do you use a polishing cloth for?

  • Polishing cloths help remove fingerprints, oils, tarnish, dirt, scratches and dullness from different metals such as silver, gold, steel, platinum, brass and copper. Some cloths, like selvyt are great for a light shine, a quick buff, and making your gems sparkle.
  • We suggest using a polishing cloth once a month or so, depending on how often you wear the piece. Keep in mind, everyday use is not advised as the slightly abrasive cloth may wear down the metal over time.