Question: Why is Siltaki's silver jewellery, which is sold online, so popular in Pakistan?
Answer: We allow you to buy original Turkish Jewellery online in Pakistan, something that is very rare! Our jewellery is made from pure 925 sterling silver, something that you will hardly come across when buying jewellery elsewhere.
Question: How to buy silver jewellery from Siltaki online?
Answer: You can place an order directly on our website and would receive your order within a few days. You can pay for the jewellery with cash on delivery.
Question: How Siltaki offers unique silver jewellery in Pakistan?
Answer: We deal in pure 925 sterling silver jewellery only. We offer silver jewellery as well as silver jewellery sets.
Question: What is 925 jewellery in Pakistan?
Answer: Sterling silver is one of the most popular forms of jewelry that has become quite popular in the last few years. 925 sterling silver jewelry is one of the brightest and malleable metals known to man. Sterling silver comprises of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of copper along with it. The copper composition in sterling silver makes the metal durable enough for jewelry Sterling silver has a cool metal sheen which makes it popular for women of all age groups. The price of one ounce in Pakistan is 3,795.8826 PKR.
Question: What are the delivery charges for online shopping on Siltaki?
Answer: We offer free delivery all over Pakistan.
Question: How long does delivery take?
Answer: Depending on your location, it can take upto a week.
Question : What exactly happens after placing an order?
Answer: You will receive a receipt through E-mail. This will be followed by a computer generated call or our representative will call if there is any problem. You are requested to provide a working phone number.
Q- Do you have a physical store?
Answer: Not yet.